Keymia means extremes in fortune, health and spirituality. It is also versatile, idealistic and intuitive – sevenreflections.
Keymia pronunciation is similar to ‘kimia’ in native Malay language which means Chemistry.

At Keymia Solutions also we work diligently with our customers to provide customized product to suit their application. Our past 20 years of working experience in the chemical field has proven workable in the industries such as electronics, industrial, solar, glass, aviation and household.

Our current facility is equipped with chemical manufacturing equipment, chemical laboratories, DI Water System and all related safety equipment needed. All manufacturing system is managed by a highly integrated system that links to incoming raw materials, production batch sheet, inventory management and quality controls system(COA, charts, costing, product formulae, historical data, supplier details etc

Keymia Solutions Core Businesses

Representative for well diversified Markets

Our Product & brand

Keymia Solutions market its own products under the brand name of Nu-Klin. Its unique customized formulation designed for premium quality products than ordinary in the market. Nu-Klin products are safe, environmental friendly, certified halal and does not contain any toxic or illegal chemical components or any harmful materials. Our products are registered with NPRA Malaysia(National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency) which ensure that the therapeutic substances are approved for local market are safe, effective and of quality. Rest assured that Nu-Klin products are not typical off the shelf but high quality products.

At Keymia Solutions we also work diligently with our reputable sources to bring 

Our Partners

Saint-Gobain Surface Conditioning

Manufacturer of high tech chemicals and slurries for industries such as wafer fab/electronics, hard disk drives, glass, ceramics, aviation, solar, MEMS and industrials.


Leading advocate in the global recognition of Biotechnology and sustainable solutions
for cleaning industry.


Manufacturer of Electrolysed water for perfectly safe antimicrobial sanitization and yet
very effective in eliminating bacteria, viruses, mold and yeast. Products are internationally
recognized with accolades of recognition from government institutions and independent labs.


Provider of antimicrobial coating solutions that are effective in preventing ‘bacterial
recontamination’ for up to 12 months. Product made in USA and internationally recognized with
numerous world and private standards.

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