Amid Covid-19 situation, Keymia Solutions provides range of disinfectant solutions that have been approved by Malaysian MOH/NPRA as well as international authority. Our international disinfectant products are chosen due to their unique and proven effective technology as well as meeting all the international standards of environmental safety/regulation, non-toxic, babies/children/human friendly and many more. The products come with international certification and proven to effectively kills corona virus.

Our Alcohol based Sanitizers (Liquid and Gel) are designed with minimum 70% IPA and 60% Ethanol as required by WHO. Its non-sticky and nicely scented will leave your hand smooth and fresh feeling.

We also provide a non-alcohol based sanitizer i.e. Water Based with functional ingredient such as Benzalkonium Chloride* to effectively kills 99.99% bacteria. This can be used to sanitized any surfaces as well without causing any major reaction.
*Benzalkonium Chloride is one of the ingredients approved by WHO to effectively kills corona virus.

Steriplant is a pH neutral Oxidising Water using Swiss Technology to effectively kills bacteria, viruses, mold and yeast without any harmful effect to human and environmental. Its non-flammable, non-reactive to any surfaces or electrical components makes it an ideal disinfecting solution using ultra low volume fogging machine. Click here to see more details info.

SDST & SDPro is an antimicrobial coating solution that effectively adheres to surfaces and prevent any re-contamination of bacteria this provide a longer lasting effect than ordinary disinfectant. The technology from USA is proven and widely used by many industries due to its low maintenance low cost and very effective to combat covid-19. 

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